There are various stakeholders involved in the process of development planning and implementation. Each one of them has a different perspective, which, if complimented with the other, can formulate a holistic solution to the problems. Hence, it is necessary for different stakeholders to come together and participate in a meaningful dialogue using the Bundelkhand Vikas Manch.

The following groups of organisations/institutions/individuals form the core stake-holder group of the Manch: National and Regional CSOs, Panchayati Raj Institutions, Academic, Technical and Research Organisations, Nationalised Banking Institutions, District Administrative Officials, Private sectors, Bi-lateral/Multi-lateral Organisations and International NGOs, and Media (National and Regional).The National and Regional CSOs will form the backbone of functioning of the Bundelkhand Vikas Manch. In partnership with other stakeholder organisations, the National and Regional CSOs will be in the forefront in organising seminar, work-shop and events on behalf of the Manch. The Academic and Research Organisations will validate existing information and concepts as well as provide insights into new/developing knowledge areas.

The Technical Institutions will fill the crucial technology knowledge gap that exists in Bundelkhand region. Lack of credit is one of the major reasons for perpetuating poverty and under-development of the region. The role of the Banking Institutions will be to provide information on credit and insurance schemes available for the communities in the region. The Manch will also provide a platform for the CSOs and the Banking Institutions to form partnership is programme implementation.

The Panchayati Raj Institutions and the District Administrative Officials are the key implementing agencies at the grassroot level. Their role will be share their grass-root level experiences, demands and also, through knowledge dissemination process of the Manch, to get sensitised about broader developmental issues.

The role of the Bi-lateral/Multi-lateral Agencies will be to link the regional issues at the broader, national and international, level. The role of the media, in any democracy, is to inform and people and enrich consciousness. In Bundelkhand Vikas Manch, the role of the media will be to bring out word about the Manch and its interventions to the people, practitioners and corridor of power.

Bundelkhand Region
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